3 Signs You Need Computer Glasses

3 Signs You Need Computer Glasses

1. Dry & Sore eyes

Having constant dry and sore eyes is the most common symptom of digital eye strain and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). It is caused by the excessive amounts of blue light that screens and devices are emitting to your eyes.

Whisky & Stone glasses filter out 50% of all bad blue light, which dramatically reduces eye soreness while still allowing your eyes to be exposed to a healthy amount of light.

2. Trouble falling asleep & poor sleep

Let’s be honest, we all do it. Hop in to bed and check Instagram, Facebook or Youtube “one last time.” The harsh blue light that your eyes are exposed to actually effects your ‘Circadian Rhythm’ which controls your sleeping habits. Your brain can register the blue light as harsh sunlight, and tells your Circadian Rhythm to keep you awake.

This is similar to having a nap with the blinds open and the blinds closed, darkness induces sleep and maintains a more consistent deeper sleep.

3. Headaches

What’s worse than working on a Monday? Working on a Monday with a splitting headache.

Harsh blue light can often be the cause of common headaches, though the worst headaches and migraines can be blamed on the combination of dry, sore eyes and poor sleep. Our body works in unison and one thing can often trigger a chain effect of negative symptoms.


Whisky & Stone Non-Prescription Computer Glasses

All of our glasses are completely gender neutral and come with free 30-day return if you're not 100% satisfied! All Australian orders come with free postage from our headquarters on the Gold Coast. 


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