• Relieve Eye Strain & Headaches

    Our stylish Blue-Light Glasses relieve and protect your eyes from eye-strain and headaches caused by harmful blue light that is emitted from devices. These glasses allow you to spend hours on your computer, phone or television without experiencing those fatiguing side effects! They are lifestyle glasses suitable for work and leisure activities.

  • Protecting Your Eyes

    Our blue light glasses protect your eyes from 50% of all blue light, and deflects up to 90% of UV light. Our sunglasses are all UV 400+ Polarised, with added protection in the sun.

    Our products allow you to protect your eyes whilst wearing STYLISH EYEWEAR!

  • Our Mission

    Modern lifestyle 'fashion' offering a solution to the potential effects of long term exposure to harmful blue light and UV light from digital screens. Our mission is to go above and beyond market standard and provide effective protection against blue light and UV damage. As well as promoting self-care and wellness through the Whisky & Stone brand.