Rose Crystal - Wenström Rose Crystal - Wenström Rose Crystal - Wenström
Rose Crystal - Wenström
Rose Crystal - Wenström
Rose Crystal - Wenström


Rose Crystal


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Deflect 90% of Glare

What's so special about Whisky & Stone glasses?

Digital devices emit a blue light that can lead to fatigue, headaches, eye soreness, poor sleep, dry eyes and blurred vision. Our lenses block out up to 30% of all blue light while also allowing you view colours accurately!

  • - Reduce eye soreness & headaches
  • - Improve productivity by up to 20%
  • - Filter up to 30% harmful blue light
  • - Deflect up to 90% glare
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About the frames

Constructed with cellulose acetate, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses and monel hinges - The Wenström provides ultimate comfort and elegant shape, while also serving a greater purpose: creating happier eyes!

  • Lenses: Non-Prescription Blue light filter, UV Protection, Glare & Scratch Resistant.

Your Wenström's will also include a beautiful travel case & microfibre cloth!


Zero Magnification (Clear lens)


Eye-50 / Bridge-18 / Temple-145


I need a holiday 💭


Four eyes! Nope, they're not prescription lenses - they've got a blue light filter, protecting against screen glare from my phone and computer. They make my eyes very happy. Besides, I always wondered what I'd look like with glasses on 🤓


The sun is extra bright today☀️ #1960s #happiness #cavalierkingcharlesspaniel #cavalier #flowers #folk #vintage #whiskyandstone






I have had a headache for two days and working with 15 children today is probably going to send me to my grave, so adios 👋🏻