5 Myths About Computer Glasses

5 Myths About Computer Glasses

 Computer glasses are one of the most important pieces of hardware that everyone who looks at screens should own. They can alleviate short-term negative symptoms such as sore eyes, headaches and poor sleep just to name a few, as well as helping to fight long term eye-sight issues such as macular degeneration.



1. Computer glasses are only for video gamers

 Video game players have always been labelled as people who stare at screens all day, but the fact of the matter is it’s 2017 and everyone stares at screens all day! The average Australian will spend 9.4 hours per day in front of a screen whether it be a phone, computer, tablet or TV screen.

Whisky & Stone glasses are designed for the tech-savvy generation and the health conscious. W&S eyewear have been inspired by vintage glasses from the 1950’s right through to the 21st century, fusing elements of class and elegance with innovative technology.

2. Don’t the glasses have that ugly yellow-ish filter?

 Nope! David and Marcus, Whisky & Stone co-founders, spent just under a year researching and developing the clearest lenses possible. We understand that the yellow looks weird, and we wanted to ensure that the glasses looked as natural as possible.


 3. You can’t wear computer glasses outside of the office

 This is a huge misconception that we hear on a daily basis. The fact of the matter is blue light appears everywhere, so Whisky & Stone glasses block out 50% of the bad blue light – this allows your body to receive the healthy amount of blue light to positively boost your awareness, mental clarity and sleeping schedule.

Whisky & Stone glasses are also non-prescription (zero magnification) which means they can be worn in any environment without doing any negative harm to your eyes!


 4. You can only get blue-light filters on prescription glasses

 Whisky & Stone offers non-prescription glasses with blue-light filters. Your local optometrist will likely offer a blue-light filter as an optional add-on, though it will be fairly expensive and definitely low quality. Our lenses have the blue-light filter infused in the glass which means it cannot be scratched out of the lens. Optometrists offer a blue-light filter that is applied similar to a screen protector for a smartphone – this means it can peel and flake away from the lens over time!


 5. I have never worn glasses, they will be annoying and uncomfortable

 Every single pair of Whisky & Stone glasses are crafted using precision CNC routers and hand-assembled, ensuring that each pair is symmetrical and free from imperfections. The light frame sits evens balanced on your face – often times I forget that I’m even wearing glasses. Cheers to that!


Thank you for reading! If you are interested in learning more about Whisky & Stone glasses please feel free to head over to our Learn page, or alternatively the FAQ page.

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