3 Netflix TV Shows to Binge Right Now

3 Netflix TV Shows to Binge Right Now

What We're Binging Right Now on the ‘Flix

With the silly season well and truly over, it’s time to bunker down, save some cash and catch up on all the TV series you missed while you were out living your best life. So mute those group chats and move your Uber Eats app to the home screen, cause you’re going off the social grid with these Netflix bangers:


If you’re into romantic love stories that involve stalking, killing and a few dead bodies then You is for, well, you. But don’t let the hot cast be a distraction. This one is dark, twisted and will have you rethinking the strength of the social media passwords you set in 2012 (if it’s is still OneDriection<3 it’s probably time to update).


Having too much money isn’t usually an issue we normal folk encounter during our day-to-day lives. But if you're the second largest drug cartel in Mexico, it may become a bit of an issue. Get the rundown on how one man manages to launder a cool 500 milli, just so you're prepared if you ever find yourself needing to do the same.


Now, I want you to really prepare yourself for this one, as this may be the biggest mystery in Netflix history. Gather the evidence, investigate the suspects and uncover the perplexing case of who exactly spray painted 27 giant dicks across teacher's cars at an American High School. Your mind will be racing and you won't be leaving your crumb filled bed until you’ve cracked the case.


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